More Items and the Gun
Season 1, Short # 2
MSOB Short - 2
Air Date Decembeer 23, 2015 (Newgrounds)
Time 0:05
Score on Newgrounds 3.92
Guide of MSOB Animations
"The Birthday Cake Fireworks"


The short consists of More Items walking down the back of a building with a graffiti drawing of a gun until the gun comes to life and shoots More Items, killing him.


There are several reviews complementing the collab, but none of them had said anything about this particular entry just yet.


  • This is the very first MS Outlook Buddies short to be part of a collab.
  • There was supposed to be an image that Nat29 made on the loading screen of the collab that wasn't from the short, but since he had no idea what to put on there, he doesn't have an image made by him on the screen.


  • No blood came out of More Items when he was shot.