Recurring Item
Recurring Item
Gender Male
Family Exception to Recurring Item (brother)
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Number of Incidents 0
Number of Deaths 0
First Appearance The Birthday Cake Fireworks
Latest Appearance The Birthday Cake Fireworks

Recurring Item is one of the 12 main characters in the MS Outlook Buddies series.


Recurring Item is one of the funnest symbols of the bunch. He loves loops, his brother, and just about everything else that's good! Recurring Item also likes dangerous things, though, like rock climbing, skydiving, and etc. Even his brother comes with him, although he can only get him to come by begging to him to come, or even writing an essay on why he should come.

List of Deaths and IncidentsEdit



  • Both him and his brother (Exception to Recurring Item) are the widest main characters of the series.
  • His name was originally "Refresh Icon."
    • Another name he could've gotten was "Loading Icon."