Season 1 (7/4/15-7/3/16)Edit

Cartoon/Game Type Date
Short 1: The Birthday Cake Fireworks Short 7/4/15 (Newgrounds), 7/5/15 (YouTube), 7/5/15 (Dailymotion (Unofficial))
Short 2: More Items and the Gun Short 12/23/15 (Newgrounds)

Season 2 (7/4/16-7/3/17)Edit


  • The original name for the series was "The MS Outlook Buddies." The word "The" was taken out in the new series's title since someone suggested it.
  • On December 3, 2015, a preview of the episodes' intro was released on Newgrounds because it needed to be critiqued. That's where the colored outlines idea was suggested.
    • The camera blurs weren't added yet.
    • Most of the outlines were black because the colored outlines suggestion didn't exist yet.
    • The buildings were incomplete, and even had the words "INCOMPLETE" on them.
    • There were no sparkle animations for either Ring or Key.
    • There was no graphic that warned More Items that Data Conflict was in trouble.